arabic course -Part 01


Anonymous said...

Bjr. Tres interessant!! Mais je n'entends pas le son! Voulez vous m'aider promptement svp. je veux suivre ces cours le + rapidement possible. Merci d'avance de votre precieuse aide.

Am. said...

As-salamou aleykoum.
Une mine d'or! Real asset that can help non arab speakers to live islam and Allah soubhanahou wa tahala with a stronger sensation.

May god reward of his infinite mercy all those who participated to make this document affordable, increase their knowledge and our own, and bring us all to his vicinity.

How can we have the Dr Abdou Rahim books (handouts) related to these courses?

Thanks in advance for answering this question.

Anonymous said...

g8! its very helpful for non-Arabic to learn Arabic language

Anonymous said...

Do you know any other sites like that, that can help me learn Arabic?

Anonymous said...

I am speechless. I guess it is the easiest way to learn Arabic Language. Thank you so much to all contributors.

May Allah bless u all.

kodinhi said...

very good presentatin and he is using the easiest way to understand for leaning student. May Allah reward for him.

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