arabic alphabet long vowels

Arabic long vowels:(alif ا aa,waawو oo ,yaa ي ee)
  • Alif ا aa:It makes a long "aa" sound come after it. In the previous example the arabic letter ف (faa) was followed by a plain alif. So it was read as "faa", remember a long "aa" sound, not a short one.
laa = alif + laam
ل +ا =لا
  • Waaw و oo: If the letter waaw is plain (no symbols on it) and the letter before it carries a Dammah then the "oo" sound is made, like the one in "food" and "loot". This "oo" sound is just the long version of the sound the Dammah makes. It lasts longer than the sound a Dammah makes.
loo = waaw + laam
ل +و =لو
  • Yaa ي ee:If a plain (with no symbols on it) ي (yaa) comes after a kasra, then the "ee" sound is made. This "ee" sound is exactly the same sound as the "ee" sound in "feet". It is a long vowel sound.
lee = yaa + laam
ل +ي =لي


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