arabic alphabet dhammah

  • Dhammah u :It looks like a loop, or a comma on top of a letter. It always goes on a letter. It is always above a letter never under it.It makes a short "u" sound after the letter. This "u" sound must not be pronounced like the letter "u" in English. It is the "oo" sound in "root" pronounced for less time. To non-Arabs it sometimes sounds like an "o" sound, this is because the "o" and "u" sound are the same sound in Arabic.
lu = dhammah + laam
ل + ُ = لُ


ADmin said...

His grinning puss and angry over here jeers at your tries and deceptive grins of specky nerdish chicks sitting at the first work area?

Kevin Taylor said...

Very good ..
I am learning arabic now and have memorized all these and will move on to the next level.
Will you post the Middle and End of each letter next.

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